Bradley Grey

Governor of California


Bradley Grey, 60, is the sitting Governor of the state of California. He is married to Erica Carlyle Grey.

Bradley Grey was born in New York City. After attending Columbia Law School, he rapidly made a name for himself as a litigator, eventually becoming a full partner in his firm. In 1925 he was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt shortly after he announced his candidacy for District Attorney of New York. He made a full recovery, and won the election.

In 1928 he moved with his wife to Orange County, California. He won election to Congress in 1932 and the Senate in 1934. After twenty years in the Senate, he was elected to be Governor of California in 1954.

Although a Republican, Grey is known for being a liberal on many issues including civil rights, and was an ally of both FDR and Truman in Congress. He has a reputation as a tough but fair legislator, and has an almost infinite list of favors owed to him throughout California.

The Greys have two sons, James Francis “Frank” Grey and Roger Vane “Van Carlyle” Grey, and a daughter, Emily Grey.

Bradley Grey

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