Erica Carlyle Grey

Heiress to the Carlyle Fortune


Erica Mackenzie Carlyle Grey is 58 years old and the heir to the great Carlyle industrial conglomerate. She is the wife of Governor Bradley Grey of California.

Born in New York, Erica and her younger brother Roger Vane Carlyle were orphaned while teenagers. The terms of their parents’ will made Roger the head of the family’s businesses; upon his untimely death in 1919, Erica took control of the firm and rapidly turned it around. Today she remains Chairperson Emeritus of Carlyle Industries. She was instrumental in moving the company from its origins in textiles, chemicals, and armaments to becoming a high technology firm and a leader in California’s aerospace industry.

The Greys have three children, James Francis, Roger Vane, and Emily Mackenzie. The middle child, Roger—named after his late uncle—uses the surname Carlyle out of respect for his mother’s wish that the name not die out.

Erica Grey is related to Vanessa Brady, a San Francisco eccentric. Only intimates know that Vanessa is in fact her younger sister, undoubtedly the illegitimate daughter of her father.


Erica Carlyle Grey

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