"Jackie" Murphy

Writer and stage actress, wife of Ashley Murphy


Karen “Jackie” Eliot Murphy is a writer and stage actress. Although not well-known, in the theater community she is well-regarded for her performances of characters from Ibsen and Chekhov. Her best notices, however, came from her performance as Lady Bracknell in a production of Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. In the 1930s she worked steadily in radio and continues to do regular work as a voice actress.

She mostly writes theater reviews and essays on the film industry. Her short monograph “The Life of Jackson Elias: An Appraisal” was noted for its closeness in style to the obscure journalist who died in the 1920s, but contains many unsourced anecdotes and attributes mental states to her subject that she could not possibly know.

In 1939 she married Ashley Murphy. They have no children.


"Jackie" Murphy

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