Jimmy Wright

Former private investigator


Jimmy Wright was once one of the best-known private investigators in Los Angeles, with clients from all the major movie studios as well as major politicians. In 1937, however, his firm came under investigation from the FBI and he personally became the target of the crusading Los Angeles Mirror newspaper. (His engagement to Mrs. Janet Rogers, ex-wife of Mirror editor in chief Harold Rogers, may have had something to do with the attacks.)

After 1938 his whereabouts become difficult to trace; he is known to have been in South America, Hawai’i, and Europe between 1938 and 1941. In 1942 he was recalled to the United States by the War Department, and is believed to have aided his former partner Francis O’Donnell in the OSS during that time.

Since then he has dropped out of sight completely.

Wright-O’Donnell Investigations, although cleared of any wrongdoing, closed its Los Angeles branch in 1940, selling the remaining assets and practice to Anne Drew, one of the city’s most experienced female private investigators.

Jimmy Wright

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