Van Carlyle

Middle child of Erica and Bradley Grey


Roger Vane II Carlyle Grey, or Van Carlyle as he prefers to be called, is 26 years old and the second child of Bradley and Erica Grey.

He is named after his late uncle, Roger Vane Carlyle, who died in Africa in 1919. He has taken the Carlyle surname to honor his mother’s desire that the Carlyle name not die out, something his father only reluctantly conceded.

Van was a musical prodigy, learning piano and violin at the age of 4 and giving a recital in Carnegie Hall at the age of 15. Over his strenuous objections he was sent to a music conservatory in Philadelphia, which provoked a mental breakdown that saw him hospitalized for six months.

After his release, he dropped out of several prestigious colleges and then spent a year simply wandering the United States and Mexico, doing odd jobs and riding his motorcycle. He still occasionally plays piano, but never in performance. However, as a passionate listener to Bop and Jazz, he has recently become interested in starting his own jazz band.

Van Carlyle

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